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Heres a few pictures of "The Gray Plane That No One Saw" on 911 WTC

Here’s a few pics of gray plane

that no one saw, but everyone looked at.

posted by Daniel J Towsey


This is from a CNN video as shown on


If you watch the movie “In Plane Site” or any other 911 documentary movies. You’ll see only agray plane.

Plus while your at it. You’ll see some television news clips showing one version with the plane pullingup as it comes downwards, and in another it flies straight across and straight in...

This one shows the flash before impact

If you do not believe these images..then why don’t you find a picture that shows a commercial aircraftwith its easily

identifiable markings for us to see?

Don’t forget, it was a crystal clear sunny day, so why can’t we see those markings or any othercolor than gray?

Notice how the buildings have color

visible.Check out the 911 videos links at



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